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“Paul David Walker is exceptionally good at what he does. Invent Your Future takes the leadership principles in his Unleashing Genius: Leading Yourself, Teams and Corporations to a higher and deeper level. A must read!”
—Joseph F. Prevratil, President and CEO, Archstone Foundation

“The principles in Invent Your Future are a palette of vivid colors of intuition and self-discovery. Use liberally to turn your blank canvas into your compelling picture … again and again.”
—Sandra Berg, CEO, Ellis Paint Company

“Invent Your Future is a go-to book. It is packed full of anecdotal information and examples that address our day to day challenges and opportunities.”
—Steve M. Rosol, President/CEO, Mars Air Systems

“We invent our future with every decision we make—the wisdom of the leaders speaking through this book empowers us to be mindful and intentional about the future we create.”
—Katherine Perko, Human Resources Executive

“This is a compelling guide to unleashing the leader within. We cannot create what we cannot conceive, and Invent Your Future is a great tool for leaders that seek to conceive continual growth, both personally and professionally.”
—Michael DuRee, Fire Chief, Long Beach, California Fire Department

“Here you will find a treasure trove of distinctions, tools, and models that will allow you to engage people in a way that naturally harmonizes and enhances working with others—and that in turn advances the mission and purpose of the organization. More than that, you will be introduced to the thinking that guides and directs our most advanced leaders. There are years of learning available in Invent Your Future. Do not be surprised when, in the days and months to come, you find yourself referencing this book. It’s that good.”
—John King, Bestselling Author of Tribal Leadership

“Paul has been a huge help to me over the several years that we’ve been working together. He has helped me to understand who I am as a leader. His blend of mental toughness and generous spirit is inspiring and clear. This book is an in-depth exploration of the concepts that Paul has passed on in his work, and will be an excellent reference and reminder. These leadership lessons are invaluable.”
—Garson Foos, President, ShoutFactory


by Paul David Walker

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