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Knowing how to invent your future builds confidence and skill to seize opportunities that emerge only in the present and are often missed. Our perspective on life is different at each stage. Here is what some of the leaders I interviewed said:

Build Your Early Life Around Your Greatest Potential

When your entire life is ahead of you, the earlier you make the right choices to focus your youthful energy, the more rewarding, productive, and meaningful your life will become.

Probably the hardest thing for me was to recognize who I was. Once I knew my natural gifts, I started painting the picture of my future.

— Bill McGinnis, CEO, NTS Corporation

Mid-Life Acceleration: Continuously Invent an Expanding Future

Making the right moves with your experience and lessons during your peak earning years will leverage the trajectory of your life.

My biggest challenge was the transition from being a great cook to teaching and leading.

— David LeFevre, Chef and Owner of three renowned restaurants

Enrich Your Life With Freedom and Renewed Purpose

Focusing your wisdom to enrich your full potential and experience to live with a powerful purpose is the secret to happiness and fulfillment.

It is when I am connected to my purpose that I am at my best. I have access to an intelligence beyond myself.

— Larry Senn, Founder of Senn-Delany Leadership (Just turned 80)


by Paul David Walker

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