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ISBN: 978-0-9861585-1-3

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The Essence of Powerful Leadership

In simpler economic eras, knowing how to invent the future was a strategic advantage. Now you need this knowledge to survive. This book will prepare you.

Invent Your Future shows you how to recognize your unique talents and true destiny, and then use that knowledge to reach your goals. Twenty successful business leaders interviewed exclusively for this book — CEOs, chefs, city managers, nonprofit directors, and entrepreneurs — provide stories illustrating that once we resonant with the natural rhythm of our lives, whatever we do becomes an expression of our calling. Author Paul David Walker utilizes these perspectives to provide a road map that anyone can use. You will learn to:

• Discover the answers that are key to your future.

• Paint compelling pictures for you and others to follow.

• Build commitment among those who will support you.

• Respond rather than simply react to reality, creating greater success.

• Master inner stillness to power your life!

“There are years of learning available in Invent Your Future. Do not be surprised when, over the years ahead, you find yourself referencing this book repeatedly. It’s that good.”

 —John King, Bestselling Author of Tribal Leadership


by Paul David Walker

Designed by Sarah M. Clarehart for Highpoint Executive Publishing.